Liverpool marathon project

Это история, которую снял про меня Костя.


The story starts in August 2011 when Anna quit smoking. Apparently that wasn’t the only factor which anticipated her starting running, merely one of many. The most significant and, perhaps, intimate cause was that overwhelming feel of helplessness following certain changes in the UK visa regulations, which affected our future plans directly and in a rather dramatic way.

Despite not being able to run for more than few minutes in a row during the first month, then leaving two half-marathons and a year of training behind, physically struggling to keep up with the training schedule while working full-time, having opened her own women running club in Moscow, she’s finally ready to run her first marathon: inconceivable (for most people,) terrifying  distance of 42,195 metres.

What depicted in the series is the culmination of all her efforts; the happy ending. It might seem a minor, even obscure achievement for an outsider, but it took tremendous energy, time and guts not every person is capable of. Every single marathoner embodies triumph of will. Marathon event day gathers thousands of such people together and that’s what makes it an amazing experience even for those not running.

And what is of the most importance, Anna is not afraid anymore.





  1. cool shots! grats on marathon .) and 1 question – i saw your watches, what is the brand?

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